Cotton is the leading plant fiber crop worldwide and is grown commercially in the temperate and tropical regions. The crop has been around for a long time and evidence of seeds dating back to 450 BC were found in Peru. Cotton is a base (raw material) for the textile industry. The product harvested from the cotton field is known as seed cotton, which is separated at a ginning mill into lint and cotton seed. Cotton lint is further processed to make cotton yarn, which is, in turn, used for the manufacturing finest forms of fabrics / cloth, hosiery, apparel, canvas, tarpaulin. The yarns are classified by number, the higher number being the finest form of yarn. The fiber is stronger when it is wet. Cotton is 100% biodegradable and is compostable. Under aerobic or anaerobic conditions wipes made of cotton will biodegrade completely in 4 weeks. The plant is also believed to have a neutral greenhouse gas footprint.

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