Potato is one of the most important food crops after wheat, maize and rice, contributing to food and nutritional security in the world. The term ""potato"" is derived from ""batata,"" the Carib term for sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas).  Potato was introduced to India by early 17th century probably through British missionaries or Portuguese traders. Potato is herbaceous annual and propagated by tubers, the thick underground stems which are called stolons. Eyes on the potato are buds and one or more develops into stem and leaves. Stem may be green, purple or light violet.

Potatoes are used for the production of starch, dextrin, glucose and alcohol too. Potato starch (farina) is used in laundries and for sizing yarn in textile mills. As a food product itself, potatoes are converted into dried products such as ‘potato chips’, ‘sliced’ or ‘shredded potatoes’.

Market Price

Comodity:   Potato
Highest Price in India :   Kerala
Mandi :   Alappuzha
Arrival Variety Min Price Max Price Modal Price
Other 2600 Rs/Quintal 2700 Rs/Quintal 2650 Rs/Quintal

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