Soybeans belong to the legume family and are native to East Asia. It is also known as the “Golden Bean” of the twentieth century. About 85 percent of the world’s soybeans are processed, or ""crushed,"" annually into soybean meal and oil.  Approximately 98 percent of the soybean meal that is crushed is further processed into animal feed with the balance used to make soy flour and proteins. Of the oil fraction, 95 percent is consumed as edible oil; the rest is used for industrial products such as fatty acids, soaps and biodiesel. Approximately six percent of soybeans are used directly as human food as soya chunks, mostly in Asia.

Soy’s another product is called soybean milk or soy milk. Creamy white soy milk resembles cow's milk. Soy milk requires only soybeans and water (and steam) for its creation. When soy milk is curdled, it is known as tofu which is a paneer or cottage cheese like product.

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