Production of foundation vegetable seed

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In Jalaun (Bundelkhand), a program consisted more than 250 vegetables growers/farmers and formed One Farmers Interest Group (FIG) named Jai Gurudev Swayam Sahayata Samooh. After through discussion it was decided to grow foundation vegetable seeds in the meeting. The 50 Kg breeder seed of vegetable pea cv. Azad P-3 were given to every member of FIG by Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology Kanpur for the production of foundation seed on one acre land. All agricultural inputs viz. fertilizer (FYM 250 qt/ha, NPK 40:60:60 kg/ha, weedicide, micro nutrients etc.) were managed by the seed growers and irrigation was applied through sprinkler system.

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फसल अवशेष,अधिक पकी सब्जी,मुरझाये हुए फल-सब्जी, पेड़ (बैगन,मिर्च,टमाटर,आदि),खेत का सूखा कचरा ,आदि को किस तरह खाद में तब्दील किया जाये?? सुझाव दे।

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