Higher net profit from chilli cultivation

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Nek Singh, a successful farmer from Punjab, he is among its select successful farmers who even pay income tax. Nek Singh discovered the magic of chilli and scientists from the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR), Bengaluru, helped him understand it. Then, he started chilli cultivation from 1991. In 2016, he raised chilli saplings over 3.5 acres towards the plan to cover 10 acres. Earning a couple of lakh rupees from each acre under chilli every kharif season, Nek Singh has expanded his inherited 4-acre farm to 65 acres to be among the most prosperous farmers of the state. He doesn’t grow wheat, only high-income potato and sunflower in the rabi season and chilli and basmati in kharif.

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फसल अवशेष,अधिक पकी सब्जी,मुरझाये हुए फल-सब्जी, पेड़ (बैगन,मिर्च,टमाटर,आदि),खेत का सूखा कचरा ,आदि को किस तरह खाद में तब्दील किया जाये?? सुझाव दे।

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